We strive to help develop, strengthen, and/or re-imagine your brand with impactful visuals powered by strategically orchestrated functionality designed to make you as viable as possible in your marketplace.


Heightened Designs has a suite of versatile services to help fine tune the vehicle that is your business, your organization, your great idea, your brand and will help you conquer all the obstacles leading toward your success.  We ensure every project receives a fresh perspective, one that is malleable and is effective across every platform you choose to stand on and represent yourself.

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Web Design

Heighten your web presence with a combination of creative strategic design and intuitive functionality built to support your brand responsively on any device.

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Brand Identity &

Logo Design

Elevate your brand through an iconic mark that’s creative, easily identifiable and capable of being delivered consistently across all advertising platforms.

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Digital &

Print Design

Increase your visibility with attention-grabbing digital/print designs carefully crafted to emphasize and accurately convey your brand message.

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Method & Process

Effective Sustainable Success is the goal and to that end, providing services that fully support their marketing agenda is an integral part of ensuring our own value.  Creativity, ingenuity, flexibility, and functionality are the cornerstones of our suite of services.  Heightening your marketing efforts to their utmost peak with custom tailored web design and graphic design services is what Heightened Designs does consistently and this is how:

Assess Strategize




Assess & Review

Like they say, “The journey of a thousand miles, starts with a single step.”  With that in mind, we look to begin crafting the vehicle that will take you to new heights by gaining an understanding about what you’re made of and where you are headed, what’s going to fuel this journey, who you’ll be helping along the way, why they need your assistance, and lastly why your previous vehicle didn’t cut it.

  1. Client identification and clarification of goal(s) (both immediate and long term)
  2. Identify the need/desire their product or services offers
  3. Target audience identification and reasoning
  4. Establish the pitfalls and failures of the client’s current initiatives

Strategy Crafting

This is the part where it takes “Two to Tango”.  Developing a custom strategy to attain the short and long term goals of our clients requires the collaborative effort of them and us.  Based on the information gained from the previous step, we craft a plan that:

  1. Emphasizes the need/desire of the target audience based on the root factors that drive that need/desire
  2. Identify the primary activities & locations the audience engages with often that are relevant to the service/product
  3. Discuss and develop marketing initiatives to engage the audience within those activities or locations
  4. From those marketing initiatives, decide on the most effective design services/tools to convey those initiatives

Design / Development / Debug

This is where the magic happens.  With a solid strategy in place to be the foundation, Heightened Designs proceeds to design/develop/debug those visual tools based on that strategy, thereby optimizing their functionality to influence the target audience to take action.  The first goal is to get their attentions, the second is to get them to take action.

  1. Design/Develop the visual tools to enact the devised strategy
  2. Submit/Review the visuals with the client
  3. Fine-tune visuals based on client critique
  4. Test for consistency, accuracy and smooth user interaction


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  1. Quantify your goals.
  2. Create a comprehensive plan.
  3. Develop and implement solutions.
  4. Market your site.
  5. Monitor results.

Identity Development

  • Brand Identity Design
  • Logo Design
  • Messaging

Digital & Print Design

  • Booklets, Brochures, Book Covers
  • Environmental Design
  • Packaging
  • Publication Design


  • User Experience Design
  • Website Design
  • Mobile Design
  • Email Design