Digital & Print Design

Have a Striking Visual Pressence

Graphic & Website Design Created to Knock It Outta The Park.  Marketing isn’t about just a great idea but the ability to create an impact that promotes action toward an intended goal.

Promotional Flyers & Postcards
Small hand held advertisement, good for special events, offers or notices. Flyer are an effective way of generating excitement about your product or service through innovative design, varying sizes and mass distribution. We design flyers that stands out of the crowd.

A multi-paneled pamphlet primarily used to inform consumers about important company information. Brochures share vital information about your company, services or products in a direct, and “easy to read” format. Our Connecticut freelance graphic design company can help you present that information in the strongest way possible. Brochures allow immediate reference to vital information for any client.

Business Cards
Ideal for efficient networking and conveying or reminding individuals of your contact information. Business cards are an effective way to get your “foot in the door.” A well-designed business card from DI GraffiX will reinforce your “oh so important” first impression long after your first meeting.

CD/DVD Covers & Inserts
Whether its for music production or multimedia advertising, effective CD Covers will add that professional appeal to your
project. CD & DVD Covers are highly useful in promoting audio and visual media for any product or service. Capable of being designed in a way that leaves a memorable impression on the client. CD & DVD Covers allow for creative production of the final product in an unexpected dispaly that thrills the client.

Posters, Banners & Billboards
Large format advertisement used commonly during large events,  trade shows, or special occasions to convey a simple message or draw awareness from a large audience. Large scale displays that introduce audiences to a complete brand experience. Whether your at a trade shows, expo, convention or fair, banners and billboards achieve overwhelming communication success because they are large, simple and offer a direct message to your client.

Magazine Ads & Book Covers
A powerful and captivating magazine ad can be a great avenue for mass marketing or advertising of your company
and/or service. An attention-grabbing advertisement of your company’s products or services. They are extremely effective in generating excitement about a product, service, brand or message through innovative design, varying formats and well-placed mass distribution. Doubling as give-away for events and parties.

+ Restaurant Menus
+ Bookmarks
+ Door Hangers
+ Wedding/Funeral Programs
+ Annual Reports
+ Vehicle Wrap
+ Event Tickets